Why achieving equality is so important for women?

Equality is essential for women‘s empowerment.

Women empowerment is a way for women to understand their worth . By creating an environment in which women are allowed to embrace their values, we are growing as humans and as a society. Men are privileged, and it’s a fact. It is much easier for men to fulfill their dreams without being limited by education, profession, or lifestyle. By giving women freedom and equality we give wings to women’s empowerment. Today in 2019., women are still discriminated, still paid less than men, still controlled by their families. It’s true that in recent years the significant progress has been made, but it’s simply not enough. There are still parts of the world in which underaged girls are forced to marry, where women do not have basic human rights, and in large part of the world, women are still unprotected.  
Equality actually shouldn’t be a question. We shouldn’t be discussing whether a woman should have equal rights as men do, she simply should have them because they rightfully belong to her as they belong to any man. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and we do need to talk about it. To be loud about it. Women do not exist in this world just to conform to the standards, unrealistic images, and opinions. “Why shouldn’t a woman be a part of a work environment which is traditionally dominated by men? For instance, in the corporate world, industries like law, engineering, and in the creative field – sports like cricket still give recognition to the male players over the female players, which is unfair. Gender shouldn’t be an unreasonable determining factor curbing potential candidates from performing where they ought to. This shall not only prove advantageous to the women concerned but also to the society that should in no way be deprived of adequate development.” (source) The more freedom we give to women, the more they became included in the decision-making process, the more improved society will become.
If you are a woman and you are reading this, please start within yourself. Embrace your self-worth, learn to love yourself. Forget the rules, standards, and other people’s opinions, focus on your needs, and be you. Empower yourself, then empower other women, and if you are a man, learn to listen, learn that no means no, respect women, and keep them safe. Here is the list of few things that each one of us can do to help to get us closer to equality and safer environment for women:
1. Protect

On the street, women wage a massive war. They are often the victims of numerous abuses, both physically and psychologically. There is no safe place for women, as many face violence within their own home office. Vote for the government that will create firm laws that fill protect women.


2. Education

Education is crucial for empowering women, but there are still way too many girls out of school. If you are able to donate to charities dedicated to building schools in difficult areas, please do.


3. Teach girls to believe in themselves

Encourage them to be fearless, outspoken, to believe in their capabilities, and teach them not to be afraid of using their voice.


4. Teach them job skills

Many women have had their dreams on a business plan since high school. Some like to do crafts while others like to be in business. Sometimes teaching women small skills like haircuts, sewing is enough, and these can help women to start something little but essential for them. 


 5.Raise your voice against gender inequality

We have to raise our voices and stand with all women to reduce the prevalence of gender disparity in all levels of society. We need equality.


6. Give her Freedom
“Don’t travel late; stay within limits.” At every step, we tend to imply restrictions on women. Now is the time to change the equation. Don’t bind them in the chains of orthodox views. Give them the freedom they deserve.


7. Allow them to love their bodies
Don’t let the media and society to force beauty standards on women. Don’t force them to conform to the unrealistic images designed to oppress them in so many ways. Close your eyes and imagine a 13 years old girl looking at the magazine cover and starting to hate her body just because it doesn’t look like the body of a photoshopped model. Can you imagine the damage it does to her at such a young age? We have to change that, we have to eliminate standards and let women be the owners of their bodies, and whatever she decides to do with it, it is up to her. Let’s celebrate all women.



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