H4Her movement participated in WHAT WORKS, WE EMPOWER program.

We are proud to announce that we had the honor to be a part of WHAT WORKS, WE EMPOWER program with the UN Women, EIU, ILO hosted by Econamie Inc.

Econamie Inc. is a hub for female economic empowerment – WEconomy: the collective health and wellbeing of global womanhood.

About the project

Econamie Inc. asked hundreds of women in Canada and around the world one simple question: “what works for you at work”? After collecting the data, they took the most common responses and featured them in the unfiltered film as part of a project Econamie Inc. is involved with in partnership with UN Women – WE EMPOWER, the EU and ILO and the Flex For Empowerment Campaign.  

It’s projects like this that start spark conversations that we as a society need to have in order to improve the work environment for women all over the world. What we as a movement can do is raise awareness about these topics, but we don’t think that at this stage is enough so we are trying to do a little bit more than that. Our goal is to collect funds through donations and selling T-shirts and extend them to the charities dedicated to helping women in need. Hopefully, with those funds, some women will be able to get the education and basics to start their own businesses. What is also very important is sharing your experience the good and the bad because certain women go through horrors at their work place and it has to stop. If you have a story to tell we left a box on our home page where you can do it in two simple steps. 

Note: You can share your story anonymously!

We want to use this opportunity to thank Econamie Inc. for inviting us to be a part of their project, and we invite you to visit their web site and follow them on Instagram, @econamie_inc.

Watch the video below: