How To Build Confidence In The Workplace written by Brittney

Self-confidence is one of the most critical beliefs that is needed for success, yet it isn’t taught in any educational institutions. And for many women, confidence is something that is in short supply. This lack of confidence in the workplace can often be the cause of a missed project opportunity or promotion. It’s no secret that women were raised to be agreeable but in a conference room, it can mean speaking up less or waiting for pauses that never come. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix for building confidence in the workplace and it’s a skill that needs to be worked towards. So we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you build confidence in the workplace:

Ask a lot of questions

In a world of arrogance, asking questions and showing that you’re actually comfortable doing this shows colleagues that you’re not afraid to reveal that you don’t know everything. Remaining curious is also a sign that you want to learn every different types of people regardless of position, education, or background.

Accept feedback gracefully

Contrary to what you may see on social media, absolutely no one is perfect. Confident people know this and are not afraid to ask for feedback in order to improve. By asking your manager or colleagues for feedback it shows you’re interested in learning from your mistakes or shortcomings to become a better employee.

Give honest feedback

When giving critique, thoughtful and relevant feedback delivered with tact shows your colleagues that you have their best interest in mind. Giving credit where it’s due and praising your co-workers work shows that you are not threatened by them. 

Plan ahead

At the start of the week and day, take a look at your calendar and make sure that you have enough time to work on your projects throughout the week. Preparation increases confidence because you’ll know exactly what is coming up and what you need to prepare for. When you have a meeting coming up, take some time beforehand to come prepared on the topic with questions and suggestions.

Train your body language

Small adjustments to your posture and body language have an immediate effect on confidence levels and perceived confidence from colleagues. Things like smiling and sitting straight or walking with your chin up and your shoulders back will have you feeling unstoppable! 

Work hard or until you’re proud of what you produce

There is no worse feeling than completing a project that you are not proud of and it’s a direct hit to your self confidence. Ensure that when you’re working on a project or task, you continue to work on it until you’re proud of what you’ve created. If needed, consult your colleagues or manager for tips on improving it!

Do you have any other tips for creating confidence in the workplace? Let us know!

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