Movement for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality

The importance of women’s empowerment, particularly raising awareness about women’s position in society, is at the core of H4Her movement. H4Her was founded on May 4th in 2018. by fashion designer Hana Sirćo. A childhood spent in war, the corrupt political scene of the country in which she lives shaped her priorities and woke up her desire to contribute to a better society. What started as a local campaign with a mission to help proteges of Safe House in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is now growing into a worldwide journey. Our mission is women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Existing in our world is different and more difficult for women than for men in all aspects of social life. Still, we envision a future where women are equal, where women have complete ownership over their bodies. We, as a society, have to pressure law to forge the environment in which sexual harassment will be taken seriously and punished accordingly. The world taught us that men are more important than women; the time has come to paint that picture differently. Our main goal is to raise awareness, to encourage women empowering women, and hopefully, together, we will make the difference.

How can you help? This is the easiest part, all we ask is that you join the movement by signing up your email address and help us show that there are many people ready to fight for women. If you want to do a little more you can donate or get our T-shirt #HERLIFEHERCHOICE. Use your voice to support women, use your platform to make an impact.

H. stands with women, do you?


Note: If you decide to donate to H4Her movement, you will invest in charities dedicated to supporting women in need. In our blog section, you can take a close look at where we forwarded donations and collected funds so far.